Stay Active, Stay Engaged.

Senior Empowerment

Our Senior Empowerment Project educates seniors on the importance of Census 2020, voting engagement and citizenship at monthly meetings with Asian language support. Our program includes:

  • Education on Census 2020
  • Voter registration
  • Meet & greet with candidates, officials and staffs from different levels of government, and nonprofit for senior services and advocacy
  • Comprehensive citizenship assistances

We care about the physical wellness of our seniors! We offers health and wellness programs at monthly meetings included but not limited to:

  • Tai-chi class
  • Ballroom dance class
  • Healthcare expo
  • Cultural exchange and traditional performance showcases
  • and much more…

North Miami Beach Chinese Senior Club

North Miami Beach Chinese Senior Club (NMBCSC), established in February 2019, is the first City Recognized Asian Senior group in the City of North Miami Beach. The Club meets monthly at the McDonald Senior Center, North Miami Beach, FL.

A group of seniors in North Miami Beach use to gather in McDonald’s or Burger King every Monday to Thursday. During the mid-term election in 2018, North Miami Beach City Commissioner Michael Joseph met with the seniors in a McDonald’s during the Candidate Meet and Greet session organized by Florida Asian Services. After he got re-elected, he designated the McDonald Senior Center in the North Miami Beach City Hall for the seniors to hold monthly and other special programs. The senior club have gone bigger and bigger. There are over 100 members from North Miami Beach and other closed by cities on each monthly meetings.