Taiwan Benevolent Association of Florida – Chinese New Year Celebration

On February 15, 2020, Florida Asian Services attended the Chinese New Year Celebration organized by Taiwan Benevolent Association of Florida. The event was held from 11:30 pm to 3:30 pm at Fort Lauderdale, FL.

During the early part of the lunch program, FAS was invited as a guest speaker to speak about Census. FAS highlighted how Census is important to the representation of the Taiwanese community. FAS also introduced the national Taiwanese write-in campaign on Census which encourage people from Taiwan to write Taiwan on the self-response ethnicity on the Census form. FAS distributed Census flyers, English and Chinese bilingual postcard, and goodies for participants to take home to read.

In the later part of the lunch program, FAS gave a short speech to encourage participants who still have not naturalize as soon as possible before the fee raise. They might still have chances to be naturalized before the Presidential election. In addition, FAS also encouraged participants who have not registered to vote to register as soon as possible to vote on the primary election. In order to vote on the closed primary election in Florida, FAS encouraged participants to update their voter registration form if they have not picked a party yet.